The beauty of Pendleton County invites us to pause and appreciate
 the natural wonders in our midst.
The people here–often family and friends– encourage us
to care and to invest in time together.
But the busy state of our lives, or the physical state of our bodies, can distract and prevent us from noticing or enjoying the exceptional scenery and the relationships rooted
​in this little corner of West Virginia.
The practice of yoga offers us help today.
  • Practicing postures and movements that gradually increase our strength and mobility frees us to enjoy our daily activities with more enthusiasm, more energy, and more joy.
  • Practicing breathing helps us to focus our attention, refine our focus, and allows us to truly see with a new set of eyes.
  • Mountain Yoga is wonderful place to begin a yoga practice–beginners are welcome and valued by an instructor who enjoys helping people take a first step toward flexibility, even if they haven’t exercised for years or have physical challenges to work around.
  • Mountain Yoga is also an appropriate place for people further along in their practice to experience community and be kindly challenged to grow in mental and physical strength.